There are profitable renovations and just renovations for comfort see the most valuable home renovations you can make. Most homeowners do not tend to distinguish the difference when they go to do renovations in the home and they should. Your home is a long term investment and every time you go to put money into it you should think of how will this affect my investment? What will the return be beyond the obvious one of comfort? If you have money to spend on your home you might as well make sure that it is working in your favor in the end when you plan to sell it.

Valuable home renovations to a house versus an apartment are different. Both types of properties will be covered so continue reading to see how these renovations can benefit you in the long run as a homeowner.



Kitchen styles are always changing and what’s current at one moment can become obsolete in the future. But make no mistake that kitchen renovations are profitable to you if you own a house or apartment. When doing a kitchen remodel the types of appliances and materials should be current but choose traditional over trendy. It goes without saying that you should make sure the quality of the workmanship is top notch. This renovation holds profitability in a home and apartment so make sure to choose well when renovating the kitchen and do your research. A good way to do this type of research is to see what new construction has, compare to what’s offered in stores and being talked about in trade magazines. Remember traditional stands the test of time while trendy looks dated next season.



No one likes an ugly bathroom but yet for some reason there so many. Whether you live in an apartment or a house this is a valuable renovation and it should be made so you benefit from its use as well. It goes without saying that the quality of this renovation is very important in workmanship and materials used. Don’t go overboard but don’t go cheap either and stay neutral and add color through accessories instead of affixed materials.


Front door

Your front door has everything to do with curb appeal. Very few homeowners if any take the time to change their front doors. Changing your front door has many benefits to curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security to the home. Until you go to shop for a front door you don’t realize how many choices you’ll have when doing so for a house. It is my recommendation that if you own a house that you choose a steel door. If you live in an apartment changing your front door is a matter of staying within the parameters of the building guidelines therefore your choices are limited but make no mistake that the door should be in the best shape possible and if not consider replacing it within the parameter required.


Garage Door

Garage door replacement is only profitable when you own a house. Replacing your garage door will also add to your curb appeal, security and energy efficiency of the home. If you move into the home with an older model consider upgrading your garage door and reap the benefits of it while living there.


Energy efficiency

Did you know that you can get your local energy company to come out and conduct energy efficiency check test in your home? The service is typically free but very few homeowners take advantage of it whether they own apartments or houses. Take note of all the appliances in your home as well as your windows and doors and see what their level of energy efficiency is, you may be surprised that some of them if all of them need to be upgraded. By upgrading your appliances and/or fixtures in your home you will put money in your pocket long-term so this is worth your immediate review. If living in a house this goes for the insulation being use in your house attic and basement too.


Wooden Deck

A feature for houses only, a wooden deck can add great value and quality of living, increasing the amount of your living space, and increase the overall appeal of the home to buyers. Of course it’s best to get use out of this edition when you moved into the home but when you go to sell the home it may be time for you to refinish that so that it captures the potential homebuyers attention and seals the deal no pun intended.



It’s not so must the material that the floors are made of than it is the condition the floors are in throughout the house or apartment. Yes hardwood floors are preferred in most markets but condition trumps material every time. Let face it the floors are probably the most used feature in a home outside of the front door so pay attention to the condition if you seek to get the best price for your home. If you are looking to redo your floors do not discount the your material choice either, pay attention to the maintenance involved as well as how they perform under standard use. Research is important here too. See what’s current in the local market and consider using the same but remember to always choose traditional over trendy ever time.

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