The best way to find rental properties todays are using a real estate agent. Shopping for rentals property there is more than meets the eye. Many renters scour listings running around seeking that one that meets all their requirements. In the land of technology it’s not about what you see but what you don’t see anymore that will bring you the best results. It becoming frequent where listing renters’ call and property has been leased and this can be frustrating. Certain markets this trend is more prevalent than others, so what is a renter to do? Simple you need to contact your local real estate agent! It’s always best if you find one that focuses on the neighborhood you are looking to move into since, more often than not, landlords have their availabilities on a open listing list that several real estate agents and brokerage firms get and have access to that you typically will not. Not everything can and will be listed in the open market for sale because there isn’t enough time in the best of all world to get that done and real estate agents aren’t suppose to market open listing on certain site if any based on the terms under which that landlord make their open listings available.

So what is a renter to do to find their next great apartment? It’s simple work with a real estate agent that has access to the open listings as well as their own private inventory through exclusives. Trust me when I tell you, you will see many of the listing in your price range and neighborhood you want if you fall within the marketplace supply. This is word marketplace supply is key due to the fact that many renters are constantly looking outside of what the marketplace will supply and if and when they find their criteria, it’s always gone or in the process of being gone if it truly ever existed. Or the worst case scenario you get into a situation from hell because it was simply to good to be true for the current market.

Some customers give real estate agents very little value but what they can bring to the table is saving you time, headache and much frustration in your apartment search. All you have to do is know what type of property you want to rent, where and for how much, then find the right agent. This can easily be done thru referrals and or using your favorite social network which will lead you to their website but remember there is more listings beneath the surface due to that real estate agents access to the open listing market which you typically wont have access to until its going, going, gone.

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