PQ Magazine May 2016

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Shower Heads come in a variety of styles and usability options. Choose a shower head based on water pressure levels, finishes, features, and spray types. Start by taking a look at where it will need to be installed, and then narrow down your selection based whether you need a wall or ceiling mounted shower head. Read below for more information on types and features so you can find the right shower head for your bathroom.

Shower Head Types

Adjustable shower heads feature several spray options and water pressure levels and are usually altered by turning the shower head clockwise or counter clockwise.

Rain shower heads feature a low-flow spray that imitates the relaxing feel of rainfall. Rainfall shower heads are often an eco-friendly, water-saving option.

Handheld shower heads have a short hose that attaches to the showerhead for easier bathing and more options. Handheld shower heads lock into an upright position to work as standard adjustable shower heads also.

Low Flow shower heads are specifically designed to save water, and many feature several spray options, usually including rainfall, for the most efficient use of water.

Fixed shower heads are the most standard style with just a shower head attached to a pipe or faucet hole in the shower wall.

Dual shower heads offer both a fixed shower head and an attached handheld shower for multiple bathing and use options.

Spray Patterns

  • Rain: A low-flow pattern with a larger shower head and a light pressure that mimics rainfall.
  • Massage: Several pressure options with higher pressure settings for massage-like relaxation.
  • Full: One or two pressure options that utilize all of the shower head holes.
  • Jet: High-pressure water pattern with a concentrated stream option.
  • Pause: Medium pressure with an on-and-off water pattern.


  • Installation type – Shower heads are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted,  depending on your existing plumbing set-up. Many rainfall shower heads are ceiling mounted for a realistic rain effect.
  • Finish – Shower heads come in a variety of finishes to match your bathroom, from chrome and brushed nickel to bronze and antique brass. Look for rust-resistant finishes.
  • Flow rate – Choose a low-flow shower head for more energy savings. According to government regulations, the highest flow rate allowed for shower heads is 2.5 gallons per minute at a standard water pressure level of 80 psi (pounds per square inch).


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