I want to be in a safe neighborhood. Renters and homebuyers make this statement request daily. What makes a safe neighborhood? Safety isn’t that black and white in America anymore.

Everyone feels safe under different conditions and circumstances but the truth is none of us are truly ever safe to a certain degree. Now if you are asking safety from what then it opens a myriad of possibilities. Safe from sex offenders, burglary, assault, fire, floods and other natural disasters or crimes there are so many possibilities and it’s up to you the potential renter or homebuyer to do your due diligence. By checking with the proper authorities or online registries to find the answers you seek and even if things past your level of safety, you still have to take proper precautions within reasonable measure that do not land on the paranoid radar such as having good locks on all entry points, alarm systems, security systems, insurance etc. While the proper authorities and community at large can take the proper standard measures to stay safe from what concerns them the most, life has no guarantees.

Awareness is the best security any of us can possess at all times. I speak to people who chose not to listen to the news due to the bad news it delivers daily but somehow you have to stay informed with what’s happening in your community and the world. There are and forever will be potential dangers out there. The questions you have to ask yourself are (1) what most concerns you (2) how are you going to stay on top of these concerns (3) what safety measure are you going to put in place and practice if any. We can only hope with the safety measures that the community has in place along with proper officials and your level of added securities make for safe neighborhoods and communities. Anything can change at any given moment. It may end up being a one-time incident, no one can say for certain. Understand that a safe homes does equate to safe neighborhoods and communities at large.  But the one thing that will always keep you safe is awareness so pay attention and if you see something, say something to proper officials who can do something.


Safe neighborhoods best practices are:

  • Place the best proper locks on all entry points to the home
  • Upon leaving and entering the home lock all your doors at all times
  • Make sure other entry points such as windows and garage are locked too
  • Use alarm and/or security system if you feel you need added security
  • Keep all easy to access or hidden entry points secure at all times
  • Get a pet that you feel will protect you or the very least alert you to strangers presence
  • Don’t forget to make sure safety devices like smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher in the home are maintained
  • Make sure everyone in the home knows how to use the fire extinguisher
  • Practice safety drills in your home at least once a month or once a quarter especially small children live in the home
  • Make sure nothing left in the yard can be used to help thieves access your home
  • Have emergency numbers easily accessible on each level of the home
  • If you do not have a home phone make sure emergency numbers are programed into all cell phones
  • Follow thru on your instincts especially if you are not paranoid by nature
  • Stay aware at all times, it’s the best measure for staying safe
  • Paying attention to the proximity of your home in relations to the police department, fire department and hospital
  • If you see something, then say something to proper authorities ASAP
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