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It’s a competitive rental marketplace and hustling isn’t enough to find that new property to call home. You have to know where to look, where to find the best value and how to submit your paperwork faster than the next person bidding for the same apartment. We get listing you don’t see on the major third party websites, get on the inside track and rent with us.


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We’ll rent your: coops, condos, houses and investment properties in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn.  We’ll help you rent the property and also provide you with computer generated lease agreements and the renewal lease when it’s time to renew them. We’re here to be of service and help you keep your property rented. Let’s see how we can work together.



Renters Guide

Quick tips for renting in New York
The Best Way to Find an Apartment in the New York Area

The past half-century has been an incredible period for New York’s economical growth and popularity. As more artists, bankers, diplomats and celebrities continue to flood the city, neighborhoods and areas that were once considered unlivable, are becoming

Tel: 212-281-6881

Tel: 212-281-6881

the “up-and-coming” places to live in. In fact, there are no more undesirable neighborhoods in New York City. From Alphabet City to Hell’s Kitchen and Harlem, landlords offer quality living as great as anywhere else in the city.

The options are countless and time is of the essence in this high-demand market. Let a professional lead you through the process and help you make it an enjoyable experience. Contact one of our agents.

We will listen to your needs, review all the options, and then show you the best of what is out there. We will prepare you in advance for all possibilities and make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to rent the perfect home. Other related article: Five tips to Find an Apartment in New York City.

Paperwork Required for Renting NYC Apartment

Paperwork required for renting NYC apartment is what usually keeps renters from getting the apartment they want. Getting your paperwork together can be a daunting task for anyone renting in the NYC area. Why most landlords require this paperwork is due torental paperwork requirements the difficulty to remove bad tenants from their property should they not be able to pay the rent. This process has helped not only landlords but also tenants choose entering into the right landlord tenant relationship for many years.

Here’s what you really need to know. When renting most apartments in the New York area, the prospective tenants must make at least forty times the rent. Which means taking the amount of one months rent and multiplying it by forty. FOR EXAMPLE: $1600 x 40 = 64,000. This number of 64,000 equates to what the prospective tenants should make annually to rent that particular unit. When using a guarantor the landlord usually increases the amount to sixty times the rent because the guarantor should be able to pay your rent as well as their own should anything happen that you cannot pay the landlord directly yourself.

The standard paperwork required is as follows:

Proof Of Income 

• Employer verification letter – On company letterhead, signed by supervisor stating, salary, guaranteed bonus, title, start date, housing allowance, if any.

• Most 3 recent pay stubs

• Last 2 Year’s tax returns

• Copy of driver’s license or passport

• Copy of social security card

• Landlords Application – completely filled out with all requested information.

• Most recent bank statement – to show you have a few months cash reserves to pay rent if you loose your job.

• Credit Check Fee ($25 to $100) – This fee is per person who wants their name on the lease.

• Application Fee – The the is usually equal to one month of the rent. For example is the rent is $1500 then your application fee is $1500. This flat fee is normally refundable should you not be approved by the landlord for the apartment. In the event you are approved this fee normally goes toward the Broker’s Fee. This information should be cleary stated on the receipt you receive. Read before signing and handing over your funds! If you are renting in a condo or coop. The application fee ranges normally from $100 – $600 that we’ve seen and is not refundable nor does it go to any of the final cost of renting the apartment. Typically this is stated on the condo or coop application so read carefully and still ask your agent for clarity.

What’s Required When Signing the Lease 

Most landlords seek immediate movers or tenants who can move in by the first or fifteenth of the month. Whatever time you agree upon is when your lease will start. The funds upon signing the lease are normally required to be in the form of money orders or certified checks. No cash or personal checks are accepted.

• First month’s rent

• Security deposit

• Brokerage fee (15% of the annual rent) – Some times the broker’s fee is negotiable but this should be discussed before placing your application in for the apartment.