Refrigerator maintenance isn’t something you see any homeowners, landlord, renters or even residential cleaners concerned about. What’s your refrigerator maintenance, is probably a question that would get you one of those odd questionable looks.

Let’s face it the refrigerator is the hardest working appliance in your kitchen. It’s constantly on, working to maintain its best functionality. And what do we do, use it without conducting any exterior maintenance on it. On occasion we might clean out the interior but nothing beyond that.

Here’s the refrigerator maintenance you may want to consider once a month or once a quarter depending on how dusty or dirty your kitchen gets. For landlords when a unit becomes vacant and you are not replacing the fridge consider placing this on the to do list.


Refrigerator maintenance

Identify where the condenser coils are on your fridge. They are either in the back or in the bottom front behind a grille. When you find them you simply want to vacuum them releasing them of the dust or dirt that has accumulated on or around them. Your refrigerator is on wheels so moving it isn’t as hard as you think. Reason, these dirty coils cause the compressor to work over time and the hard effort is unsustainable hence the fridge will break down. Once you decide to do this you’ll find the performance to improve especially if it was covered in dust and dirt.

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