Parking for less in New York City can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. Most New Yorkers will immediately tell you it’s not worth having a car in New York City due to cost but those of us who have cars will beg to differ.  I believe the best way to own a park in New York is by having a parking space because that is where the real expense of car ownership takes it toll living in New York.

Since the city realizes this they’ve been good to the New York residence who want to exercise their rights to owning and parking their cars in a parking garage. Let’s face it tax for parking in a parking garage is a whooping 18.375% whether you are there thirty minutes for a whole day much less a month. Taking hold of Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption will bring the tax down to 10.375%! Trust me it’s worth completely the application if you qualify for the exemption.


The vehicle must be:

  • individually owned by the applicant
  • registered to the owner’s primary residence in Manhattan
  • parked in a long-term rented space for a month or more, and

driven for personal use only. (Commercial, rental or company vehicles are not eligible for the exemption.)

You have to renew this exemption every 2 years and if you change your vehicle, address, parking garage or license plate number, you must update NYC Finance as well. Non-compliance does hold a fine so follow thru on simple reasonable rule to get your 8% discount, why not.

Where do you find this application? Believe it or not the address is in all parking garages typically staples to the wall with all the other notices they are required by law to post, but this one is usually pretty small. But it is still easy to find by calling 311, emailing NYC Finance, going online or writing to:

New York City Department of Finance
Parking Tax Exemption Section
59 Maiden Lane – 24th Floor
New York, NY 10038
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