Living within your means. We live in a world where things are always changing and it require you do the same, especially with your money. Easier said then done since it requires we evaluate how we are living. For example, you should set time up annually to review your telephone bill, electric bill, cable and all other household living expenses to see how you can cut cost. Sometimes it’s a simple as calling the company to see if they have a better plan than the one you are currently in. More often then not if you show yourself friendly you will come off the call with a five to ten dollar savings. At times you need to review what the competition has to offer and see if it’s better than what you have now and be willing to switch or mention that you want to switch and your current company will match the deal. If you say you can’t find the time, how about the day your home due to bad weather or it’s a quite day right in holiday season or the day an appointment got cancelled. There’s always time to make a better life for yourself, you simply have to be proactive about it. 

Learn to use what you have. You don’t know how many times I see people with triplicates of things they have yet to use i.e. can foods, cloths, staples items, etc. Truly how many bottles of shampoo do you really need? How many canned goods will make you feel like you won’t starve? How many items in your closet did you truly not wear in the last year? If you do a real assessment you will be shocked how much money you are stock piling in you home that could be in your 401k, Roth IRA or saving account, every little bit adds ups. We’ve had a few catastrophes hit us weather-wise look at what your needs or family needs were and adjust according. Ask yourself can you really fit into that outfit you are saving to comeback in style? We see people downsizing for different reasons, it’s not a bad thing it’s just a smart money saver in the end. Plus you won’t know until you implement it really.

Buying what your really need. This is different, for learning to use what we have since buying what you need will help you to use what you have. If you don’t buy it then it cannot sit there needlessly wasting your hard earn money, think about it. For example daily items uses soap, toilet paper, shampoo you use and need so much, so set a necessary schedule to replenish as needed. You bought the soda maker but are you really using it or still buying soda? A good rule of thumb is no impulse buying. If you really need an item then every time you need it after 30 days of seeing means you probably should get it. If after 30 days or even two weeks you forget that you need it, then you did not need it and saved yourself some money. Last on buying cloths buy items only to replace what you have. So if it doesn’t need to be replaced, then you probably don’t need it, you simply want it and wanting can be wasteful. Last don’t shop because it on sale for a good price, only shop because it passed the 30 day or two week rule and you need to buy it. This way no matter how much you pay for it, it’s worth it because you need it and more importantly you are using the item.

Don’t be wasteful. You found out you don’t need your soda make after all but it’s a good one, so sell it on your local listing board. Or you can ask a friend if they’d like to have it or post it online to give-it-away if you feel bad selling use things. Remember another mans trash is another mans treasure. If you live in a home then have your annual yard sale, you’ll be surprised how much you pull in. Unwanted or gently used items are never trash ask the Salvation Army or your local thrift store, then don’t get the space they do business in for free. You’ll be surprise who is looking for exactly what you have!

Buy within your means. I see people buying to much house or renting beyond their means. Review your financials and see what you can spend on big ticket items then go look for that item in your price range. Most people tend to look for what they want and figure out how they are going to pay for it, wrong move! Finding what’s within reach allows you to make smart decision that will lead to more happiness instead of anxiety, worry or fear. Learn how to maximize what you have so it bring you the most reward, you’ll be surprise what a great return on investment you truly will have made. Bigger isn’t always better but quality over quantity will win you amazing reward every time.

In the end you have time to do what you want the way you want. So be more mindful about how you spend your hard earn dollars. Things will break in the home and since you spent wisely all year you’ll be able to replace them without hardship increasing your quality of living. As you can see this isn’t about a budget simply smart living helping you to live within your means.

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