Studio apartment living is your best bet in New York City if you want to live alone. To make it doable and comfortable as a renter or a buyer you have to know how to select a studio apartment. The key is knowing what to look for in your studio and how to furnish it and use the space effectively. Unfortunately most studio apartment occupants do not know how to furnish much less use the space efficiently. So here are some tips that you should use as a renter or buyer should studio apartment living be your best financial option.


Livable Space

In selecting a studio apartment the layout has to work for you. Typically you will find a define kitchen space in the open living area and a bathroom. If you find a closet or two consider yourself lucky if they are usable and don’t take away from the layout.

To maximize your studio apartment living you should make sure the unit has room for your bed, sofa and desk. Defining your livable space around these three pieces will allow you to create a comfortable home. When furnishing the studio regardless of the size you want to make sure your apartment feels like a home and not a cubicle so keep it simple, measure mindfully, think about function and clear the clutter. Also this is why utilizing the vertical space where you can hanging your TV on the wall, using bookshelves that also have a dresser feature as well as the ability to create closet space is important. In fashioning the room you are seeking to create a feeling of openness and comfort. The key is to make sure all your belongings have a define place to keep things clean and not cluttered.

If you lack the fashion sense in designing and furnishing your room do your research online there are many great examples of living in a studio apartment or a small space that you can get great ideas to use as your own.



When looking to select your studio apartment you should be looking to see how much natural sunlight a space has. Natural sunlight typically makes small spaces feel larger. The next important factor is making sure you have the right colors to maximize the space. Combining sunlight and wall color with your curtain choice is very important. You want to choose curtains that do not block out the natural sunlight allowing the space to feel open. You also want to possibly use mirrors opposite your windows to create the optical illusion of the room feeling larger as well.



You will find studio apartments that have full size appliances and ones that have mini appliances. Depend on if you like to cook or not will determine which appliances you prefer. But make sure that your studio comes with all proper appliances in the kitchen and bathroom. Standard kitchens have the sink, stove, refrigerator, a few cabinets and counter space might be minimal to non exsistent. The bathroom usually has just a shower, sink and toilet. If you find a bathtub consider that a big score especially if you are buying the apartment. To find a studio with a dishwasher or washing machine and dryer is rare so do not place those appliances high on your list.


Amazing Storage

What most renters and buyers don’t use properly in studio apartment living is the amazing storage opportunity. Most studio apartments lack closets so most renters and buyers find this feature unappealing. What they need to realize is vertical space is your friend.

Small spaces can quickly become cluttered and look messy if everything is eye level. Therefore it’s important to learn how to maximize your space by utilizing the vertical storage opportunities that you can create. After looking up the next thing you need to do is find furniture to effectively use the vertical storage space you have in an appealing way. The key is to measure mindfully and think about function, there are an array of furniture options available to you should you make studio apartment living your lifestyle. Just keep in mind units that are one large pieces may not be the best way to go, consider sturdy stackable options too.


Key Factors to Studio Apartment Living

  1. So as a renter or buyer when shopping for studio apartment living you want to make sure that the layout works for you.
  2. Pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom appliances
  3. How much sunlight the space receives
  4. How many outlets you have and how much vertical spacing there is
  5. Then the rest is up to you just remember to keep it simple, measure mindfully, think about function and clear the clutter.

If you can only afford a studio apartment in New York we’re happy to help your find the right one and share our effective furnishing tips.

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