There are essential tools every renter should own because there are task in your apartment you will have to do, that will not require your landlord or super. This means for you to safely complete certain task on your own you should have specific tools. Let’s face it basic tools are essential to anyone who lives in a rental unit or a home.



There’re many kinds of hammers some small some heavy picture and when you like but make sure you own one. Hammers are an essential tool when hanging things on the wall or building furniture.



There are so many types of screwdrivers that it’s best to get one that has many different heads that can be exchanged using the same handle.


Assorted Nails, Hooks and Screws

While most products that require these will come with them, there will come a time when you’ll need to exchange one for another or replace it because you lost it.


Extension Cord or Power Strips

These electrical cords are an essential part of living no matter where you are. How you would live without one or the other would be perplexing to me. At one moment in time I guarantee you, you will utilize extension cords or power strips in your home.



And independent flashlight is more important than you think! Especially in times of blackouts were power outages you will find a independent flashlight to be a go to tool. I understand that your cell phone now comes with a flashlight but do not under estimate having two to three of these in your home, different sizes are highly recommendable.


Tape measure

This tool is so useful you’ll be surprised by how many times you’ll use it. There are so many things in the home that need measuring from time to time whether it’s for measuring a window, doorframe, hallway or furniture the list for this tools use is endless. Make sure to have one that’s at least 25 feet you won’t regret it.


Crazy glue

Its crazy but this glue can fix almost anything so it’s highly recommended trust me if you can’t nail it then glue it and if that doesn’t work simple replace it.


Double stick mounting tape

Yet again another useful tool in your toolbox for fixing things were adding decoration to your home without harm to the walls, paint job or furniture.



This product is great for repairing holes in the wall especially when you are moving out.


Stepping Stool

Its from being a ladder but the safest bet when you need that ladder you may not have. A standard stepping stool allows you to reach to change light bulbs, the top shelf in the kitchen or making the best use of the top shelf in the closet.



Toolboxes are the best place to keep all your essential tools every renter should own. Why if you do not have a unified place to store your tools you are more than likely going to lose them. Remember to buy one big enough to store all the extra parts your furniture and light fixtures may come with because those actually come in handy when you move again and want or need new parts. Just remember to label clearly with a permanent marker otherwise things can get real confusing in your toolbox. My recommendation is to store spare parts in ziplock bags since they come in all sizes and you probably have them in your home for kitchen use.

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