Distressed Homeowners

We bring solutions and free hands on assistance.

Distressed Homeowners

We’re Here to Help

If you are behind on your mortgage and need assistance with your mortgage company, we can assist you. Our services to you are free of charge, by law, no one can charge you to assist you when you are a distressed homeowner. But it is also true only a few real estate professionals are certified and interested in assisting you. We’re one of them. Contact us so we can review your options and assist you in the remedy that will bring you financial resolve.



Broker Price Opinion

We’re experienced in providing BPO’s (drive-by and interior) for the court matters, insurance purposes, divorce, banks, estate and trust matters just to name a few. A BPO is more detailed than a CMA and less detailed than an appraisal and cost less. In the end, it provides you an overview of your immediate market and the value of your home. Let us do your next BPO.