The best home accessories are the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms because they save lives! So why don’t homebuyers give them the attention they deserves in their homes. You just bought a house congratulations how are you going to protect that investment outside of your homeowners insurance and new door locks? To minimize property damage every new homebuyer should install new smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to alert them to early fire and CO hazards in the home.

Homebuyers need to be educated about smoke alarms and understand that there are three types available:

  1. battery-operated
  2. AC wire-in
  3. wireless system

CO alarms

  1. battery operated
  2. AC plug-in
  3. AC wire-in

Smoke alarms you hang in the ceiling meanwhile carbon monoxide alarms are supposed to be at least knee length hightest  smoke detector throughout the home. I understand when you buy the home these devices are there and all parties signed waivers concerning them. But I’m asking you to go a step further for your families safety and health to install new devices immediately. You just spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on your new home, why is it that you’d cheap out on the most important devices to save your home and to save your families lives? Truth be told these devices have a shelf life and changing the battery isn’t going to help if they’ve pass their prime. Protect your family and your new home by investing in new smoke and CO alarms.

I would advice you that the day that you change the locks on the doors is the same day that you should walk in the house with your new smoke and CO alarms and install them just as quickly as you install the new locks on the doors of your new home. These two devices are more important then the locks on the doors and you’ll come to learn that when they save your home and your life. Be safe in your new home from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning by purchasing the best home accessories.

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