Personal information is never collected from users without them freely providing this information to us. When your personal information is collected, it is not shared, sold or licensed to any third parties.  While we reserve the right to change this policy, we will not do so without notifying you in advance, and providing you with the option to opt-out of any proposed information sharing.


Perfect Quarters utilizes managed servers that have security measures to protect electronically transmitted data from being intercepted by outsiders. Those servers are regularly monitored to insure the integrity of our online system, although we cannot guarantee that a third party will not gain access to information provided on this site. Perfect Quarters attempts to ensure the security of all transactions that occur on our web site. Personal information is stored using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard for storage of this information. All offline information is securely stored and accessible only by authorized staff.


We collect standard analytics information about the traffic to our webites, such as, but not limited to, visitor frequency, the source of referrals, types of devices used,  and reader content flow patterns,


Perfect Quarters’s website may at times employ “cookies” during users’ visits to the site. Cookies are pieces of information stored on a user’s computer at the request of a web site’s software. These cookies allow the site to recognize you if you have visited before, or to customize our site based upon your preferences or usage patterns (i.e. to optimize your visit). Cookies employed by the Perfect Quarters website are “session cookies.” Session cookies remain on your hard drive until you close your internet browser, or the server ends your session as a result of inactivity. 

The use of cookies does not result in the collection of any personal information or data collected from your personal computer. You may choose to adjust the settings of your web browser to disallow the usage of cookies. Perfect Quarters cannot be responsible for a negative experience with our web site that results from your computer being preset to refuse to accept cookies.


Our site contains links to websites of outside organizations. While these links may indicate special relationships between our company and these organizations, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these organizations’ sites. Please familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of any site you visit to determine what information is being collected as a result of your visit.


Perfect Quarters provides you with the opportunity to receive regular communications from our site. Receipt of these electronic notifications is completely at your discretion. In order to provide these notifications, Perfect Quarters must obtain and retain your email address, which is kept in a private distribution list. These emails are not sold, licensed or in anyway shared with any third parties.  Should the company ever elect to change this policy, it will notify you in advance, providing you with the opportunity to opt-out of any lists we maintain.

Messages sent to you will not reveal your email address or personal information.

Should you subscribe to an e-magazine, text message, publication or other online notification, and later wish to discontinue receiving it, you may take the following action:

  • Click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email you receive


As necessary, Perfect Quarters will update this policy to comply with legal requirements and the needs of our visitors. It is your sole responsibility to review the Privacy Policy each time you use our site to remain aware of modifications to this policy.


Perfect Quarters engages third-party vendors to help us manage our web presence and allow us to better serve our web visitors. Personal information shared with these third party organizations is only shared as necessary for completing transactions and as required by law, and is closely monitored.


Perfect Quarters maintains back-up files as protection against natural disasters or equipment failures. Backup files protect users and the company as they lower the risk of losing valuable data, and are subject to the same security precautions as transaction data.


Should you request to be removed from a subscription list or from our data file, your record will be removed but will continue to exist in our back-up filing system until the back-up cycle results in the removal of your subscription from our back-up copies.


All our credit checks are seventy-five dollars ($75) per person. It is required you place a deposit to secure the unit you are applying for equal to one months rent, typically required by the landlord to show you are serious about your application. Should you be approved for the unit the deposit will go toward the broker’s fee and if it is a no fee unit it will go the security deposit required by the landlord. If you are declined by the landlord that deposit will be refunded minus a dollar ($1) administrative fee we pay for processing the funds via Intuit. Should you decide to withdraw your application once the application has been submitted your deposit is not refundable.


For questions about this privacy policy, please use the email form, or write to us at the physical address provided below.

Perfect Quarters, Inc.
1562 First Avenue, Ste. 205-2688
New York, NY 10028