One of the primary tools to real estate is a key. This small tool can make or break a relationship with our customer by the mere way it operates, believe it or not. But here’s the thing, the operation of the key isn’t based on how a real estate agent handles the key in the lock as much as it is how the lock on the door is installed.

I’ve had customers who get so frustrated by standing there waiting for me to open a door that they’d offer to try themselves to see what’s the problem as to why we cannot get into the property. But it does not stop there, I’ve had doorknobs that have come off in my hand only to call the landlord to let them know, I’m stuck in your property can you come get me out. Either way landlords or sellers alike should consider the following when looking to rent or sell their property.

  1. A property maintained doors makes a good impression.
  2. A well installed lock gets your property shown more as does the access to those keys.
  3. Install the lock in the door so it interacts correctly with the key when used.
  4. Using a master key system when you have several units so all the available units can be shown with great ease.
  5. In order to get back master keys cylinders and keys from new tenants, simply place a key deposit on the lease and return their designated check for the cylinder and key when they replace it with their own.
  6. If you or your superintendent are not good at lock installation simple pay the extra money for the locksmith to install your master key system. Trust me it’s a good investment.
  7. You can also have different locks on the doorknob lock that you do not allow the tenants to change but they are welcome to change the dead bolt lock for their security comfort. When they leave always remove the dead bolt lock from the door completely.

In the end, no matter how small the glitch to get the door open, you should try not having one at all. A door that’s easy to lock and unlock is always your best option, ask any real estate agent and potential renter or buyer.

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